Hard Gear Surface Reducer Special Brake Motor

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Hardened R,S,F,K series reducer special for YE2/YE3 series three-phase asynchronous motor is my company in order to meet the need of design of reducer supporting door motor. In the fiange end structure and bearing to cover are made improve-ments and regulation in the same model and a variaty of fimnge and cap collocation, to mæt different installation requraments of the sizes of. Solaction of I-shaped flange end cop,a xle of quenching and tempering treatment, all the same time, increase the benring quality, can improve the bearing capacity, the safety factor is increased and the service life of the motor.

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Operation Condition

Ambient temperature: -15℃-+40℃
Duty: S1
Altitude: Not exceed 1000m
Cooling method: IC 0141(Fan cooling fan)
Rated voltage: 380V(Other voltages reguired separale agreement)
Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Insulation c!ass: F
Protection class: IP54.IP55

Product Characteristic

1. Flexible and variable: Customizable according to user needs, such as rated power, rated voltage, frequency, pole number and other parameters can be selected, with high flexibility and application breadth.

2. Wide application range: The dedicated brake motor for the direct connected hard tooth reducer is suitable for various industrial occasions, such as production lines and mechanical equipment in metallurgy, papermaking, power, cement, etc.

In short, as a motor directly connected to the hard tooth surface reducer, the direct connected variable frequency motor for the hard tooth surface reducer has the characteristics of safety, reliability, high efficiency, and easy maintenance. It has strong reliability and wide adaptability, and is widely used in industries such as cranes and metallurgical equipment.

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