High Efficiency Hard Tooth Surface Reducer Special Direct Motor

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Hardened R,S.F,K series reducer special for YE2/YE3 series three-phase asynchronous motor is my company in order to meet the need of design of reducer supporting door motor. In the flange end structure and bearing to cover are made improve-ments and regulation in the same model and a variety of flange end cap collocation, to meet difforent installation requiraments of the sizes of, Seloclion of I-shaped flange end cap, axle of quenching and tempening treatment, at the same time, increase the bearing quality, can improve the bearing copacity, the safety factor is increased and the service life of the motor.

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Operation Condition

Ambient temperature: -15℃-+40℃
Duty: S1
Altitude: Not exceed 1000m
Cooling method: IC 0141(Fan cooling fan)
Rated voltage: 380V(Other voltages reguired separale agreement)
Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Insulation c!ass: F
Protection class: IP54.IP55

Product Description

The direct connected hard tooth surface reducer dedicated variable frequency motor is a motor designed specifically for the hard tooth surface R, S, F, K series reducers. This series of motors adopts frequency converter control, which can achieve stepless adjustment of motor speed, thereby achieving the adjustment of motor power, and avoiding some shortcomings of traditional resistance speed regulation methods. At the same time, this series of motors has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy conservation, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the motor, thereby reducing the operating costs of the enterprise. And improvements and adjustments have been made to the flange end structure and bearing seat, which can be paired with multiple flange covers in the same model to meet the requirements of different installation sizes. It is directly connected to the hard tooth reducer and adopts a design of high efficiency, low noise, and high reliability. It can provide high torque, high precision, and long running time power support for industrial production lines, mechanical equipment, automated production lines, etc. It is particularly suitable for situations that require high-power, high-efficiency, and low noise motors.

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