YSE Series Soft Start Brake Motor (R3-110P)

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Power-off brake motor: its straight disc flow brake is installed on the end cover of the non-shaft extension end of the motor. Conditions of use: the altitude should not exceed 1000 meters, the maximum ambient temperature should not exceed 40°C, and the minimum should not be lower than -15°C.
A new type of brake motor specially designed according to the working needs of the crane, suitable for: electric single beam, hoist double beam, gantry crane – large / trolley, si

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The working principle of YSE series soft start brake motor (III generation) is that when the motor is connected to the power supply, the rectifier of the brake is connected to the power supply at the same time. Due to the effect of electromagnetic suction, the electromagnet attracts the armature and presses the spring. When the cover is disengaged, the motor runs; when the power supply is cut off, the brake electromagnet loses its electromagnetic attraction, and the spring force pushes the armature to press the brake disc. Under the action of the friction torque, the motor stops running immediately.

This series of motor junction boxes are installed on the top of the motor, and the distance between the motor installation holes is the same. According to the installation requirements, the motor can be installed in a direction of 2~180°.

This series of motors has greatly reduced noise and vibration, and reached the advanced level. It is equipped with high-performance protection grade (IP54), which improves the insulation grade of the motor and increases the service life of the motor;

The design of this series of motors pays special attention to the appearance and appearance. The vertical and horizontal distribution of the heat dissipation ribs of the machine base, the end cover and the wiring hood are all improved designs, and the appearance is particularly beautiful.

YSE series soft start brake motor is a new type of brake motor specially designed according to the working needs of crane.
The motor has soft start characteristics, no resistance, no need to take other technical measures, direct power supply can be obtained “soft start” effect, with the motor on the crane start and stop “shock” phenomenon has very obvious improvement, which is Crane industry for many years to seek the more ideal working conditions.
The motor can be used as the power of electric single girder, hoist double girder, gantry crane trolley and trolley running mechanism, also suitable for the power of single girder electric hoist walking mechanism.
YSE-110P flange diameter 110, stop φ75, suitable for 3T hoist traveling mechanism power, or be used for φ134 wheel single girder traveling power use.

Four advantages / outstanding features of YSE series:

Soft start Walking without impact.

Large starting force can work continuously for 8 hours.

Lightweight and energy-saving 1/4 current start energy saving and environmental protection.

Strong practicability Adapt to high temperature environment operation.

 Usage conditions

Altitude ≤ 1000m

Environmental temperature -15 ℃+40 ℃

Relative temperature ≤ 90%

Working System S’ -40%

Rated power supply: 380V50HZ


Numerous choices to meet various user needs:

Installing a thermistor

Installing a heating strip

Special flange modification

Various requirements such as modification of special shaft extensions

Abnormal voltage and frequency

Standard Type Power(D.KW) Blocking Torque(D.N.M) Stall Current(D.A) Rated Speed(r/min) Brake Torque(N.M) Flange Plate(Φ) Mounting Port(Φ)
Synchronous speed 15000r/min
YSE 71-4P 0.4 4 2.8 1200 1-3 110P Φ75
0.5 5 3 1200
0.8 8 3.6 1200
YSE 80-4P 0.4 4 2.8 1200 1-5 110P Φ75
0.8 8 3.6 1200
1.1 12 6.2 1200
1.5 16 7.5 1200
Note: The above is the standard configuration for driving. If you have special working conditions, please select it separately. Level 6, Level 8, Level 12
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