YSEW Series-4S-65-7S

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Super performance Special design; integrates reducer, motor and brake, with large torque, low noise, low current, and stable operation.
A new type of brake motor specially designed according to the working needs of the crane, suitable for: electric single girder, hoist double girder, gantry crane-large/trolley, single girder electric hoist traveling mechanism, etc.

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Using high-precision gears and imported grease, it has the characteristics of silent walking, maintenance-free, and no gear wear; using high-temperature copper wire, high-temperature lead wire, and aluminum alloy casing, it has the characteristics of light weight, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance; Unique electromagnetic design with soft start function. Low noise – By optimizing the gear parameters, the impact speed of the meshing is reduced, and the mechanical noise is reduced; Reliable – The output shaft is carburized and quenched, and the bearing capacity is strong; High flexibility – Huyuan’s unique electromagnetic design technology reduces the size of the motor and is lightweight and easy to install.

Four advantages / outstanding features of YSEW series:

Good firmness Cast from high-rigidity QT ductile iron

Made of high-purity alloy steel 20CRMH TIH, carburized, quenched and ground

High suspended heavy load capacity Made of alloy steel quenched and tempered

Maintenance-free high wear-resistant imported lubricating oil


Standard Type Power Speed Speed Ratio Output Speed r/min Output shaft M number of gears Z length L Mounting PortФ
YSEW-4SLZ-4 0.8KW1.1KW1.5KW 30M i:12.7 94 5M4M 11Z12Z 55L95L  Ф85
YSEW-4SLZ-6 20M 63
YSEW-4SLZ-8 17.5M 47
YSEW-4SLZ-12 11M 33
Note: The above is the standard configuration for driving, if you have special working conditions, please select it separately
select configuration High Power hard boot buffer block Different voltage frequency conversion special gear Variable speed multi-speed Non-standard Encoder

YSEW Series-65


YSEW Series-7S


9Note: The voltage can be ordered from 200v-480v 50Hz-60Hz, and two-speed and multi-speed combinations can be selected, such as 4/8 poles, 4/12 poles

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