YEJ series electromagnetic braking motor

  • Electromagnetic Brake Three – Phase Asynchronous Motor

    Electromagnetic Brake Three – Phase Asynchronous Motor

    YEJseries electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motors are improved products of YEJ series, it is in accor-dance with JB/T6452010 requirements, and its electrical performance is in accord with YE 2 series technical standard. The electric power of the controller should be synchronized with the electric power of the motor.

    The electric motors are equipped the electromagnetic brake on the non-shaft end, when electricity off , retarding disc will automati-cally pr. ess in end-shield which produce friction brake torque and stop the running of motor, the no-load brake duration is changed with the frame size of the motor, the range is 0.15-0.45seconds. This kind of motor is considered as the driving force of various machinery and widely u sed in mechanical workout machine tool , transport machinery, package, woodworking, food, chemical engineering, textile, construction, shop. roll door machinery.