YE3 series high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor

  • Premium Efficiency Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

    Premium Efficiency Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

    YE3 series ultra-high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motors comply with the three-level efficiency standards stipulated in GB18613-2020 ”Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Grades of Small and Medium-sized three-phase Asynchronous Motors”. At the same time comply withIEC60034-30-2008 standard IE3 energy efficiency grade.

    Its efficiency improvement design, in line with the national requirements for energy saving and consumption reduction in the manufacturing industry.

    The installation dimensions of YE3 series motors conform to IE360034 standard. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, high efficiency, low noise, high protection level and high insulation level. It can be widely used to drive all kinds of general machinery and equipment, such as fans, water pumps, machine tools, compressors and transportation machinery. It can also be used in petroleum, chemical industry, steel, mining and other places with harsh environment.